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When Life gets tough


Life rarely goes to plan and I think we all fight so hard to make our own plan work out when actually the Universe has it all in hand and gives us what we need to learn and grow and become better rather than what we want.
So at times it feels that its unfair, that life is working against you and its hard to accept that what is happening especially if its a health issue or a relationship problem or financial problems all of which nobody would actually consciously choose for themselves.

Take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life and try and see the positive and what you can learn from it and keep moving forward.

Each day try and be a better person than the day before, face those fears holding you back head on and just let yourself fly.
Easier said than done sometimes I know but what has helped me through some challenging times is knowing

1. It won’t last as nothing does
2. That you aren’t given anything you cant handle even if it doesn’t feel like it
3. That there is always a positive in every situation which may not be obvious at the time and you may need to dig deep but its there somewhere if you choose to find it.
4. That life is tough and its your attitude to it that makes the difference.