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Chemical experiment on ourselves



Stop and think just how products we use on ourselves and in our environment on a daily basis and consider how many different chemicals are in those products, some cocktail wouldn’t you say?

Are we all really happy doing a chemical experiment on ourselves each and everyday ?

Awareness of the products and their ingredients has to be the first step, we can all look at labels but would be know what they are are if we can even pronounce them in the first place? Many of the ingredients are written so small that you have difficulty actually making them out or they are there but you have to lift a label to see them.
Awareness has to be the first step to understanding, then people can make their own informed decision.

Why take even the slightest risk by carrying on using products that contain potentially toxic and harsh ingredients?

My daughter has slight eczema but she has had no problem since we have been using ecofriendly products in the home, a pair of school trousers were washed recently in a shop bought biological washing powder (she didn’t know this) and within a few hours of wearing them her eczema had erupted quite badly on her legs.
My eldest daughter also recently used a well known facial wash/moisturiser after reading good reports about what it could do to help teenage skin, she woke up with blisters on her face.
So many irritations, allergies i believe are caused by using chemical laden products in the home, environment and on ourselves, we do all really need to stop and start thinking for ourselves.

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