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We are Debbie and Gary, we have 3 grown up children aged 25, 23 and 17 and have been married for 28 Years.

Debbie and Gary
Debbie and Gary

In 2010 we started using Eco friendly products in the home as we became more aware of what was happening around us in the environment, it felt like a natural step on our journey.  It made total sense to us to use  products which are readily available which don’t contain the potentially environment damaging chemicals . It was also an eye opener when we started using kinder alternatives for cleaning and laundry and found our daughters mild eczema vanished.

I also suffered regularly from sinus issues which affected my ears and eustachian tubes too making it totally misery, being blocked up with dulled hearing for weeks at a time and I always came away from GP with a list of things to do from inhaling steam, using a nasal spray taking antihistamines  to antibiotics on occasions which helped but never resolved it, this went on for years and I got to the end of my tether and started researching my symptoms and came across people across the World with the same and they had resolved it by removing artificial fragrances from their home and scented candles so out went the plug in air fresheners and battery ones which spray automatically every so many minutes. Out went the highly scented candles and air fresheners.   I have had no problems since.

In early 2011 our World was turned upside down when Gary was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 47.  He had major surgery a couple of months later and it was during this time we started doing our own research to try and understand more about Cancer and if there was anything we had been doing which may have contributed to it and this was when we really took the lid off to a whole can of worms.

We realised how far off track the modern way of life has taken us and it was no wonder immune systems weren’t able to deal with issues when needed as they are being bombarded on a daily basis and aren’t being given the nutrients needed because of modern diet, intensive farming methods using antibiotics and hormones,  the distance food travels before we get it on our plates and the nutrients lacking in soil, just to name a few things.

Once the lid was off we couldn’t put it back on and so our journey continues.

Gary had radiotherapy in 2012 after his levels began rising, we did further research before he made the decision to agree to the treatment, it wasn’t an easy decision to make but after asking lots of questions he decided it was the way forward and he finished his 36 rounds the day before our Sons graduation ceremony.

We continued to make further lifestyle changes, it made total sense that we should change the environment in which the disease liked to grow.  Life ticked along  nicely, but in 2014 I had a small cyst removed from the crease of my nose after noticing a slight change in its colouring, it had been there for 20 years +.  We were again dealt a blow when the biopsy showed it was a malignant melanoma.

Although the lump had been removed because of the of the nature of malignant melanomas  a 1cm margin and a node biopsy is usually suggested as a precaution.  I had a brilliant plastic surgeon who did the operation using a skin flap procedure as the margin involved the contours of my nose and not just a flat area of skin.  The first lymph node to which the tumour would drain was located  in my neck using radiactive dye  and  that was removed at the same time.

Fortunately both biopsies tested negative and I’m now on 3 monthly checks for several years.

This led to several people questioning our life style change and basically saying the changes hadn’t done us any good so why should they consider changing their lifestyle, but I think the point they are missing is that once you are diagnosed you have had disease/cancer growing for a long time, your body has been sick for a long time before any symptoms appear. It makes total sense  that it’s going to take time to change the environment in your body which led to the problem occurring in the first place (Gary was told he had probably had the prostate cancer for anything up to 14 years before he got a very minor symptom and decided to mention it to the GP). We are grateful we had started to make changes when we did and continue to make them as who is to say if we hadn’t we both may not have been here to continue our Lawsgreenhaven Journey.

Lawsgreenhaven was started to share the information and products we have gleamed on our journey and to share that prevention has to be better than cure and to that end maybe we are all guilty of letting modern life get in the way of listening to our bodies and giving them the attention and nutrients they need to function at their optimum just as we do with our cars and other things in our lives.

We know how precious your time is and we hope that by sharing healthier alternatives and other products with you we can make  healthier shopping an easier and pleasant experience for you.

We are simply sharing our experiences and our advice is always to do your own research, listen to your body and make sure you treat it as the remarkable finely tuned wonder that it is.

We will be sharing products that we have come across on our journey . Please note that we are affiliated with many of the Companies we share products from so do earn a small commission on any sales made from our affiliates links but all associations are as affiliates only, we are not Distributors/Team Building for any of the Companies we share products from.

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Debbie and Gary