Finding the cause.

After suffering almost continuously with yeast/fungal infections since my teenage years a few years ago I started doing my own research when medication would relieve the symptoms but would came back after the course had finished.  My sinuses also started causing me totally misery So I decided rather than just treat the symptoms it was time for me to start finding the possible cause and to find if maybe they were linked.

Doing my own research really opened my eyes and I realised that the regular thrush problems I experienced, the ear and sinus problems and even my regular headaches could actually all have the same root cause.

Yeast overgrowth which starts as an intestinal imbalance and apparently nearly every autoimmune disease has a yeast overgrowth component!  In my simple terms I understood that yeast overgrowth starts in the intestine and can infiltrate outside and go systemic, heading for all those moist areas of the body where it can thrive, like the sinuses, ears etc. It made total sense to me and I started researching what I needed to do to get my body back in balance. Why had I suffered for years and not once did anyone try and find out why I had repeat problems, it was just the symptoms being treated each time so of course it would return.

I read lots of articles and read lots of books, in fact everything i could find on the subject and came across information on Candida. Yeast overgrowth can affect your body’s ability to absorb nutrients from your body , there can be a lot of conflicting information out there and i think everyone needs to do their own research and find what works for them.

With Gary my husband having a Cancer diagnosis it speeded me along on the journey as I found common links but that will be another blog post.  The biggest thing I learnt was about the effect of sugar as yeast loves sugar and that again is another story,  just how many products you wouldn’t even think have added sugar and salt especially the processed and tinned variety.   I limit my fruit intake but have upped my vegetable intake, particularly greens and have found cutting out foods such mushrooms, vinegar and too much bread seems to have helped too.

Good gut health is so important and I’ve learnt about its connection to inflammation in the body which is a major factor in most illness and disease.  I have been taking a  probiotic and have enjoyed my journey experimenting and making water kefir using organic kefir grains which both help keep the gut bacteria balanced.

I have also taken the steps to eliminate other trigger factors for my sinus issues in the environment around me such as plug in and spray air fresheners and highly scented household products and have chosen to use Eco-friendly products which are not only better for me and my family but also for the environment too and have felt so much better with very few issues for several years now which is wonderful when it felt like an ongoing battle before.

It can feel like opening a can of worms when you start doing your own research and one thing can lead you onto another thing and so on but when you want more than just symptoms to be treated you really need to start looking at reasons why they are happening in the first place and that is what our journey is doing,  its difficult to realise that what you have been doing and treating as normal for decades has actually contributed to your problems and that is the first step which can then help you onto the next step which is changing things.

I will be doing a post on hidden sugars shortly and our experience. Most things seem to come down to two words which have become my favorite MODERATION and BALANCE.

There are way too many articles and books to list that i have read on this topic but heres a couple of articles i think explains things very clearly and simply which is what we all need initially before we start researching.