Journey to a Healthier Life.

Its a Journey
Its a Journey

To live healthily you need to look at various areas of your lifestyle not just one, but focusing on one part at a time is  a good way to start. The areas to look at are

1.  Reduce the chemicals you use in your home, on yourselves and in your local environment.  You want to give your body and the environment the best possible chance of staying healthy in a World where  both are being abused by modern lifestyles.

2.  Eat a healthy diet which gives Your body the nutrients it needs to function properly and aid our immune systems to deal with any problems it has to. So much of our food is lacking nutrients because of the intensive farming methods, poor soil, hormones and antibiotics used in meat production, pesticides used on crops for higher yields, the distance our food travels before we get it on our plates, the storage conditions and preservatives used and then when we finally get the food in our homes it is heated and cooked which also destroys nutrients in most cases. It’s just crazy, add that to all the hidden sugar and salt in processed foods it’s no wonder more and more people are getting illnesses and diseases.

3.  Do regular Exercise, find something that you enjoy and do it regularly. It has so many benefits.

4.  Look after your Mental well-being by doing things that make you feel good, modern life can be so stressful that it can feel like you have no time for you but it is so important to make that time, whether its a hobby you enjoy, a regular pamper session in the bathroom with the door locked, meditation time or time out to reconnect with nature.

5.  Making the best use of any outdoor space you have to grow your own vegetables as well as flowers.  Treat your garden as another room in your house and decorate it accordingly.

6.  Personal development should be a continual process. Every day try to be a bit better in some way to the previous day.  Educate yourself with books, online resources and make sure you learn from mistakes made.  I personally used to hate making mistakes and that would stop me from trying new things but that has all changed. Much better to have tried and failed and learnt than not have tried at all.

7.  Inspiration and motivation  is also important. Find your  favourite authors, gurus who help you through those days when self-doubt pops up or you are lacking oomph,  sometimes it’s also just best to go with the feelings, allow yourself time to feel and then move on again. Some days it’s just best to be kind to yourself.

8.  It’s important to Goal Plan and make a road map of how you are going to achieve your goals . Writing them down is such a  powerful way to reinforce them and also  helps keep you focused.  It gives you stepping stones towards your bigger goals and its always good to reward yourself when you reach a stepping stone. Set your intention and then take Action which leads to Results.

As you can see it’s really a lifestyle change but can be done step by step.